The following are the rules to be adhered to during the First Phase of the Governments Return to Play Protocols from 29th March 2021 to April 11th 2021:

  • Up to a four ball can be played with pre booked tee times. Tee time bookings should be made via the app on the ‘Club Systems – Members Hub’ and there will be a 3 week booking window.
  • Please book to play with other members and fill up Tee times to four players to ensure that as many members as possible can access tee times to play.
  • If you are playing an individual two ball match please play with other members to form a 4 ball.
  • We currently plan that only members will be able to book in advance during this period, which we will keep under review. Visitors will only be offered any free tee times the day before.
  • Each member will initially be restricted to booking 2 rounds per week, which we will monitor and review and will increase when possible.
  • Please adhere to the spirit of these rules which are designed to ensure fair access to tee times for all members to be able to play.
  • We will be operating 8 minute tee time spacing as normal and everybody is to tee off on time and play their rounds promptly. If you miss a tee time it will not be possible for you to play.

Locker rooms and changing facilities are not to be used except for the toilets. You should therefore come dressed to play, change your shoes in the car park and proceed to leave the car park to play golf 8 minutes before your tee time, which will maintain social distancing and flow and will avoid congregation. You must adhere to the rule of six everywhere on the Golf Course and the Hotel and Golf Complex.

There are no Social Areas allowed Inside or Outside on the Golf Course and the Hotel Golf Complex.

Only takeaway food and drink is allowed, which is available from the Golf Shop.

Stay 2 Meters Apart at All Times.
Only use your own equipment and Golf Balls.
Do not touch anything on the course, including the flag.
Wash and Sanitise your hands regularly.
You may pick and place within 6 inches in bunkers. Please smooth the sand with your foot after you play.

NEC Hoare
Golf Club Secretary
Whitefields Golf Club
Mobile: 07768 617068