The Toptracer 9-shot challenge launches globally on midnight 5th December and you can take part at Whitefields Golf Club from Friday 6th December until Sunday 8th December.

This virtual challenge allows you to join a global community of golfers and compete with players from 25 countries and 200 ranges.

When you register for your session using your Toptracer app at the bay, you’ll be prompted to link your profile to the competition.

You will then need to hit your best approach shot on 9 different virtual golf holes with varying distances (55-160 yards).

Your score is determined by distance to the pin. Shots that miss the green will be penalised with additional distance.

The lowest total score across the 9 holes wins. You can play as many times as you like until the tournament ends, individually or in groups of four.

Who will be joining us for the 9-shot challenge?